tlc Following a long meditation on the evening of 8th October 2014, during the full lunar eclipse, we decided to close the Buddhâyatana retreat on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, 35°46'23"S 137°46'32"E.
Aniccâ vata sankhârâ -- impermanent are structural processes, everything has an end.
Short, ad hoc teachings may still be provided to the chance visitor wishing to progress on the path of serenity, knowledge and wisdom.
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The young Buddha, Siddhârtha. Cast by Khmer artist Hac-Team Ngo; photo P. Bittar

The young Buddha, Siddhârtha
Cast by Khmer artist Hac-Team Ngo; photo P. Bittar

Teacher: Dr Bittar Gabriel Jîvasattha ("Science of Life"), a researcher with a PhD in Interdisciplinary Sciences (short c.v.) from the University of Geneva.



In the Theravâda tradition, Dhamma teaching is a free donation (dâna) by the teachers, and reciprocal support donations by the students are possible and encouraged.

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Warrawee Road
American River
Kangaroo Island, SA 5221

(warrawee basically means, in a number of aboriginal languages, "welcome, come up and rest")
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